July 07, 2022


After nearly three years of challenges endured by the aircraft industry due to the unpredictability of COVID, it felt good to meet again at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany. Although our teams continued to work closely with the aircraft industry throughout the pandemic, we were curious to see how the situation evolved and how the new innovations and solutions in our bags would hit the nerve of time.


A key takeaway from the show is that for passengers, comfort and safety are still the most important topics when traveling in airplanes, and new concepts of improving passenger experience are opening new horizons for the aircraft industry. Our aerospace tapes are especially created to meet the needs of today’s aviation. For example, our materials used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) allow excellent thermal comfort and indoor air quality while tapes with high thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical resistance provide additional protection in wire bundling and harnessing. 

To achieve more economic aviation, many visitors were surprised to learn how our specially designed OEM approved flooring tapes can significantly reduce maintenance costs, downtime and efforts. The combination of optimized bonding to carpet and composite floor, fast and clean-peel removability and flame-retardant options provides unmatched advantages and easy handling. In addition to our carpet tapes that set the benchmark since many years, newly developed edge protection tapes and non-textile flooring (NTF) solutions caused high interest and are about to set new industry standards.


Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions booth at AIX 2022 Trade Show

Reducing fuel consumption of airplanes through lightweight materials is no longer driven by cost-savings only. With recent economic and environmental impacts of transportation, reducing the carbon footprint with more sustainable technologies is becoming increasingly important for customers and the industry. Special tapes with high bonding strength designed to replace mechanical fasteners help to reduce weight while combining multifunctional properties like vibration dampening, noise reduction or clean removability in one product. 

But increasing sustainability is not limited to materials used in the finished airplane. During the composite moulding process for example, the tapes we presented at the show help to optimize processes through higher resistance with less replacements and better output, they create smoother surfaces, protect mold and structures and therefore lead to more sustainable and economic production. 

The three days at the show and interesting discussions proved that the aerospace industry is changing fast to fulfill the needs of customers and creating new experiences. To meet even toughest demands, our customization capabilities and processes are in place to provide ideal solutions in this specification driven market. We look forward to meeting you in person at the next show and our team is always available for you, so contact us today and get your projects ready for take-off.