July 13, 2022



Saint-Gobain® Tape Solutions arrived at the Foam Expo in Novi, Michigan last month to not only showcase our gasketing and bonding foams, but also share our perspective on how to take action to ensure environmentally conscious material development. Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions Director of Sustainability and Product Compliance Aldric Barbier kicked off the week discussing carbon neutrality strategy as a participant in one of the first plenary panels of the event. 

The US Government has set a greenhouse gas emission reduction target of roughly 50% by 2030 with the aim of being carbon neutral by 2050. Not only is Saint-Gobain fully aligned with these global carbon reduction goals, but it is precisely the commitment that the Group took on September 23rd 2019 at UNO when signing the Business Ambition for 1.5°C of the Global Compact. This grants us a unique position as an industry leader to be able to achieve them. 

Portrait of Aldric Director of Sustainability

To build sustainability as a core competency you cannot succeed without bringing everyone onboard; Operations, R&D, Supply Chain and suppliers…sustainability has to be a corporate topic that is discussed and monitored throughout the year just like any other KPI.” 

Aldric Barbier, Director of Sustainability and Product Compliance at Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions 



Scope 1

Direct emissions

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Electricity-related emissions

Scope 3

Everything else