June 14, 2022



Solar panels in sunlight, wind turbines and a damn with hydropower for renewable energy

Clean Power 2022 was an exciting venture as this was our first time participating in this event, showcasing our solutions for improving efficiency and performance in wind, solar and stationary storage applications. After three full days of in-depth sessions and a packed exhibition floor, our team left San Antonio, TX with a better understanding of market conditions, the key challenges for renewable energies and how tape solutions can play a role in moving projects forward.

We presented a portfolio of foam and tape products that address the specific needs of on- and offshore wind, solar, storage and transmission applications. Attendees to the booth were most interested in our abilities to customize products and solutions to specific application needs. Technical representatives from our team were eager to discuss the potential of creating innovative products that solve real world issues in the field for wind and solar applications. Ideas included higher performing, leading-edge protection tape and aftermarket composite solutions that help ensure a second life for discarded wind blades.

From the interesting discussions we had in-booth, we want to share our top 5 takeaways from Clean Power 2022:


While wind energy is currently putting more watts on the grid, solar energy makes up 55% of projects in the pipeline. Stationary storage is teaming up with both to give more flexibility to capture the energy at peak times. Our mix of products solve for key challenges in both wind energy and solar energy that focus on efficiency and performance. 


PPAs are up 28% year over year, showing that corporate America values having access to these energy sources. Saint-Gobain® signed an agreement with Blooming Grove Wind Farm as part of our net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050.


A focus on lowering the LCOE is translating to more hybrid projects that combine energy storage with energy generation. Tape Solutions is a recognized leader in the area of Li-ion battery cell cushioning, thermal management and thermal runaway protection. Our team can also recommend a full complement of bonding, sealing and gasketing solutions for the very challenging environments in which these projects are deployed.


The current transmission map prioritizes energy consumption in more densely populated areas, whereas wind and solar farms tend to be located in rural areas where access to land is a factor. Proactive planning to integrate current and new projects will improve the reliability of the grid. Saint-Gobain offers a wide range of UL listed insulation tapes for electro-mechanical transmission equipment.

Solar farm with two engineers walking to check the operation of the system


Technicians are a wealth of information for how to best address the biggest issues they’re facing in the field. By working together, suppliers can better address their needs, improve performance, and increase the return on renewable energy assets.

If you have a renewable energy project where you feel a tape solution could help improve process, production or performance, reach out to our team to discuss the specifics. You’ll see we are passionate about innovation and the search for sustainable solutions.